2020 All-Stars fantasy baseball from the future

2020 Allstars - Season 2 Episode 16

Short. Sweet.

First Half Allstars… GO!

Season 2 Episode 16
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2020 Allstars - Season 2 Episode 15

We begin our week with 1Bs for the second half including a big name that we are down on. Namely, we discuss Brandon Belt vs a slew of names. Spoiler, we like Belt. Then we move on to what to do with Cliff Lee, will he come back strong or is it time to sell? There is a bit of discussion about our favorite topic, Closerpocalypse 2014. Hopeful... read more

2020 Allstars - Season 2 Episode 14

This week, we chat about the past week’s no-hitters and if we think those pitchers are legit. Bottomline, we like the guys in SoCal over the guys in NorCal, whodathunkit coming from a couple kids from LA. Specifically, we discuss whether Josh Beckett is worth a roster spot. We talk about the Closerpocalypse in Chicago, Tampa Bay, and San Fran... read more

2020 Allstars - Season 2 Episode 13

We are back and in true 2020 Allstars fashion, we go all over the place. But luckily, the week in fantasy baseball was mostly good. We begin with a discussion of vacation spots along the Adriatic for those looking for a summer getaway. Next, we discuss Clayton Kershaw’s no-hitter and his status among other pitchers in fantasy baseball. We mo... read more

2020 Allstars - Season 2 Episode 12

Another week, another rash of injuries. We talk about how hits the dl this week, but the news is not all bad. There were also a bunch of people coming off the DL and one particularly interesting situation where a star has gained some useful position flexibility. We end off the pod with discussion of Closerpocalypse 2014. It’s the nightmare t... read more

2020 Allstars - Season 2 Episode 11

We are back. Time certainly flies quickly, doesn’t it? This week we talk about a rash of injuries (again) and some guys that you can pick up as replacements. Next we talk about the Closerpocalypse. Some guys seem to be tightening their grasp on formerly shaky situations and other situations are falling apart. We also go into good middle rel... read more

2020 All Stars - Season 2 Episode 10

Another week, another slew of injuries. We talk about the major injuries again, some hot starts, and of course, Closerpocalypse 2014. Perhaps next year the fantasy baseball world should just agree to re-drafting after 2 months? Teams, real and fantasy, are just getting decimated by injuries this year.

This week, Prince Fielder goes down for ... read more

2020 All Stars - Season 2 Episode 9

Ugh, so our prediction for best starting pitcher in fantasy baseball will not come through this year.  Just as we jumped on the Jose Fernandez bandwagon, things went terribly awry.  We talk about possible replacements for JF, then some hot batters at the corners, and seemingly as always, Closerpocalypse 2014.

Season 2 Episode 9 (59:14)
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2020 All Stars - Season 2 Episode 8

Hey folks, we are back this week with some Closerpocalypse 2014 news!  The good (Chapman), the bad (Balfour), and the ugly (Farnsworth).  On a more positive note, we look at some of the possible callups near the Super 2 “deadline”.  We go through some of the big names that we’ve talk about before such as Gregory Palanco on the Pirates and Andrew... read more

2020 All Stars - Season 2 Episode 7

We are back on track!  A week without dicussing the Closerapocalypse 2014?!?!  Well, we thought we should keep it positive this week.  So we discuss a lot of the hot starts from around the league.   We also talk about some guys in the minors that seem intriguing.  As always, we have a bit of color spread thoughout with topics ranging from global... read more