2020 All-Stars fantasy baseball from the future

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I would say in that order too.
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2020 Allstars - Season 2 Episode 21

Well, the reprieve is over. Closerpocalypse is BACK! We saw a lot of shaky performances this week and a lot of potential injuries in the backend of bullpens this week. We go through all of them and give you our thoughts on who we like going forward. Also for those people playing in leagues that give you points for incredible facial hair, we ... read more

2020 Allstars - Season 2 Episode 20

This week we have a ton of news. We start off with some chatter about future 2020 allstars. The big name is Javy Baez. Could he get 10 more homers the rest of the way? Could he strikeout 30% of the time while doing so? We discuss these questions and all the other Cubs prospects.

Then it was a week of injuries. Hanley Ramirez went to the D... read more

2020 Allstars - Season 2 Episode 19

We chat about the trade deadline, the new injuries, and kids you can look forward to for the future. Goldy, McCutchen, man… these are first rounders! Son of a… Ok, we move onto the trade implications quickly and end up with a discussion of who could get the next call into the bigs.

Season 2 Episode 19 (35:48)
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2020 Allstars - Season 2 Episode 18

This week we chat about the Tulo injury and possible replacements. Is Josh Rutledge the answer? Is Danny Santana? Is crying into your pillow going to do it? Probably all three. In positive news, an old friend is coming back to the NL West.

We also openly worry about the situations in KC and Houston. There is more talk about the minor leag... read more

2020 Allstars - Season 2 Episode 17

We begin with Closerpocalypse 2014. Although things are not so bad this time. There were a couple trades so we discuss the fantasy implications of those. Who are our second half studs? We like a couple of guys in new situations, some guys in old situations, some guys we don’t agree on. A little bit of everything.

We are going to try to be ... read more

2020 Allstars - Season 2 Episode 16

Short. Sweet.

First Half Allstars… GO!

Season 2 Episode 16
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2020 Allstars - Season 2 Episode 15

We begin our week with 1Bs for the second half including a big name that we are down on. Namely, we discuss Brandon Belt vs a slew of names. Spoiler, we like Belt. Then we move on to what to do with Cliff Lee, will he come back strong or is it time to sell? There is a bit of discussion about our favorite topic, Closerpocalypse 2014. Hopeful... read more

2020 Allstars - Season 2 Episode 14

This week, we chat about the past week’s no-hitters and if we think those pitchers are legit. Bottomline, we like the guys in SoCal over the guys in NorCal, whodathunkit coming from a couple kids from LA. Specifically, we discuss whether Josh Beckett is worth a roster spot. We talk about the Closerpocalypse in Chicago, Tampa Bay, and San Fran... read more

2020 Allstars - Season 2 Episode 13

We are back and in true 2020 Allstars fashion, we go all over the place. But luckily, the week in fantasy baseball was mostly good. We begin with a discussion of vacation spots along the Adriatic for those looking for a summer getaway. Next, we discuss Clayton Kershaw’s no-hitter and his status among other pitchers in fantasy baseball. We mo... read more