2020 All-Stars fantasy baseball from the future

Season 3 Episode 19 - 2020 All-Stars

We’re working our way back to form. We’ve got about 30 minutes of goodness for you this week. We chat about keeper league values and specifically, selling stud pitchers for youthful bats. Todd tends to side with the bats and I say throw something against the wall and see what happens. The other trade pieces to offer are the once-young studs ... read more

Season 3 Episode 18 - 2020 All-Stars

It’s been two weeks and we have a mini-pod for you. We basically run through the injuries of the past two weeks and lament about the Greek Crisis. Miggy, David Wright, Dee Gordon, Strasburg, etc, etc. That wanders into a little bit of closer chatter and old guy talk. There is a rookie of note that got the call to the bigs so we discuss… Robe... read more

Season 3 Episode 17 - 2020 All-Stars

This week, we stray from our normal banter about food to talk about gay marriage/LGBT rights. This past Friday, the Supreme Court decided that states could no longer ban or not recognize gay marriages. Huge win for equal rights in America! We even dabble into German gay marriage politics for the briefest of moments. Although the laws here ha... read more

Season 3 Episode 16 - 2020 All-Stars

We start off our chat about the Sunday holidays. Fête de la Musique in Germany and Father’s Day in the US. The big news of the week was Max Scherzer, so we start off our discussion with Justin Turner. What is his value? What can you get for him in a trade? We think you’ll be surprised at the names that we throw out there.

We declare Kyle S... read more

Season 3 Episode 15 - 2020 All-Stars

Ok guys, this is becoming a food podcast. For the first three minutes, we discuss making french fries, pommes frites, whatever you call them, from scratch and then turning those into the Quebecois specialty, Poutine.

As for actual fantasy baseball talk, we discuss the recent call-ups. What do we expect of Byron Buxton, Francisco Lindor, and J... read more

Season 3 Episode 14 - 2020 All-Stars

So I, David, was in Israel last week, so we missed a week. Deep-league discussion? It gets no deeper than this. Pat Venditte! Switch pitcher for the Oakland Athletics. Is he fantasy relevant? Not really. But is it awesome that he can pitch from both sides? You need to listen to find out.

We go into homer-mode and discuss the Dodgers and... read more

Season 3 Episode 13 - 2020 All-Stars

I’m not going to sugarcoat this one. We slapped this episode together pretty quickly. I’m heading off to Israel in 4 hours, so apologies for the curtness. However, we still have 45 minutes of podcasting goodness for you. Enjoy!

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Season 3 Episode 13 (44:31)
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Season 3 Episode 12 - 2020 All-Stars

So Corey Kluber might be good. We chat about his game for a moment and then discuss his place among the pantheon of other elite pitchers. This leads into some concerns we have about David Price. We discuss some potential fantasy trades with him and what we think of his value. Continuing a pitcher discussion, we move to a former 2020 All-Star... read more

Season 3 Episode 11 - 2020 All-Stars

Bryce Harper is living up to the hype. We briefly discuss his 6 homer week. The guy is still 23 years old and the sky is the limit.

We also talk about the big name pitchers that are off to slow starts. Is Kershaw somehow a buy-low candidate? Todd still thinks he’ll be the best pitcher in baseball. Jordan Zimmermann’s struggles have us a li... read more

Season 3 Episode 10 - 2020 All-Stars

We have a quick pod for you this week. There was a lot of prospect news to get through. We chat about what we think about these young guys for this year and the future. We also discuss hot teams. What are we to think of the Astros? We get into that and let you know what to expect. Next the discussion meanders into cheap power outfielders. ... read more