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Season 4 Episode 03 - 2020 All-Stars

Were you interested in hearing about the 80s classic The Goonies? Well, we went there. But we needed something positive to talk about and baseball simply wasn’t providing that positivity. We discuss all the injuries. The big name is Kyle Schwarber. We discuss who on the Cubs could benefit from that. In the outfield, we like Colby Rasmus, N... read more

Season 4 Episode 02 - 2020 All-Stars

Always something new for y’all on the 2020 Allstars. I (David) was homeless for the month of March. Instead of scrambling to find a place in Berlin, I decided to travel to Egypt. So this weeks episode comes to you from Cairo. As such the audio quality isn’t quite up to snuff, but you’re probably not here for that anyway.

We discuss the AJ P... read more

Season 4 Episode 01 - 2020 All-Stars

Alright guys, we started off shaky and there are 10 minutes that will never see the light of day. We begin our conversation with the young Chicago Cubs. The squad, we love, but the prices not so much. With so many players will there be enough playing time for everyone? We even have concerns about one of our favorites from last year.

Next we... read more

Season 3 Episode 26 - 2020 All-Stars

We did not watch a lot of baseball this week. Instead of doing our normal recap, we discuss who are next years breakouts. We begin with our favorite AJ Pollock. Todd brilliant pulls Christian Yelich’s name out of a hat. Man, I love that call and wish that I had thought of it. I actually think Yelich could be the next Dexter Fowler, but Todd... read more

Season 3 Episode 25 - 2020 All-Stars

The future is now! We are coming up on September. What does this mean? If you’re in a holds league then it’s time to make your big run! But before the baseball comes the food, thus we needed to discuss grilling in Germany. Todd is disgusted that we grilled without a Weber Grill. Jamacian style cooking folks. Want a YouTube video? Sure… w... read more

Season 3 Episode 24 - 2020 All-Stars

In true 2020 All-Star fashion, we have a nice little false start. We re-begin the podcast with a discussion of Trea Turner. He doesn’t necessarily have a lot of opportunity for playing time, but he’s definitely a stashable guy in keeper leagues. We move onto the Chase Utley trade. We don’t necessarily see a lot of value, but we discuss some ... read more

Season 3 Episode 23 - 2020 All-Stars

We are off and running with classic 2020 All-Star material in discussing Randal Grichuk’s elbow injury. Names like Aaron Hicks and Chris Coghlan are bandied about. We move on to King Felix’s troubles. I’m a little more worried than Todd, but the more interesting discussion is should you try to move Felix if you’re looking to rebuild? Next we... read more

Season 3 Episode 22 - 2020 All-Stars

This week is pretty special. We’re going back in time to check out some of our predictions from our inaugural episode of Season 3. Below are the notes that we are referring to:

D: Miguel Cabrera will be a “bust” - Either .275 hitter or “is good but plays only 110 games”

D: Anthony Rizzo is the #1 overall 1B. 10 steal speed.

T: Robinson Ca... read more

Season 3 Episode 21 - 2020 All-Stars

There are times you know you are witnessing magic, like when a pitcher is in the middle of throwing a perfect game. The ball is dancing around, every pitch hits it’s spot, the ball is coming out seemingly a few mph faster with every pitch. You watch this feat and you can just tell something special is happening. You’re giddy with excitement t... read more

Season 3 Episode 20 - 2020 All-Stars

Trade season is upon us. We delve into the moves that have already been made and also discuss some injuries this week.

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Season 3 Episode 20 (34:45)
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