2020 All-Stars fantasy baseball from the future

2020 All-Stars (s5e08) - Go Fish

Trout. Thumb. Us. Tears.

That’s pretty much the first 10 minutes of the podcast. We discuss waiver wire guys that are out there, but none of these guys are Trout. Not even close. So yea, probably best to just replace Trout with tears. The big question is: Is Mike Trout gettable now? If someone is in a win now mode, Todd thinks that Trou... read more

2020 All-Stars (s5e07) - What's up, Joc?

Was this our best effort? … ýou can be the judge. We chat about Julio Urias. He had another bad outing and was sent back to the minors. Todd still has the faith and believes this guy will still a be a star. But for a keeper league, we discuss whether you should hold onto him. But it’s not all bad news, we discuss some guys that have been p... read more

2020 All-Stars (s5e06) - Prospect of the Podcast 2017...

The big news of the week is the Aroldis Chapman injury. Although it’s big news, there is really no corresponding move because Betances should have already been owned. KRod lost the gig and Josh Wilson steps into the role. The next KRod looks to be Fernando Rodney, but who will be the next guy? JJ Hoover? Not exciting. The Washington situat... read more

2020 All-Stars (s5e05) - Ennyone Out There?

Another week, another set of big names going down. Not sure how we got there, but we begin with Closerpocalypse. We go through a bunch of the guys that have recently gotten saves, but may not stick around in the gig. Crappy closers are basically our bread and butter, so listen for big names like Brad Brach, Bud Norris, and Enny Romero. My Ge... read more

2020 All-Stars (s5e04) - Everybody Hurts. Some Times.

You came for baseball, but you’re staying for the basketball talk! This episode when way off the rails, but moved along quite nicely. On this May 4th, Star-Wars day, we begin our discussion with the Noah Syndergaard injury, how the 10-day DL is being used, and replacements for your squad. Lots of ghosts Christmas past in our list. Charlie Mo... read more

2020 All-Stars (s5e03) - Mad Bummed-out

The big news in the past couple days is the Madison Bumgarner’s dirt bike injury. Blessing in disguise? Cheap young talent on the wire to replace him? We discuss these topics.

Once again, we chat about closers. Same song, different verse, only this time just a little bit worse.

In case you weren’t tuning out early, we stepped up the non-se... read more

2020 All-Stars (s5e02) - what glitters is not always gold

The big news of the week was Starling Marte getting slammed with an 80-day PED suspension. We discuss what to do with him, what are the long-term ramifications of this? In what types of leagues do you keep Marte and where can you let him loose? Also we do some replacement talk, although with a guy of Marte’s caliber, you’re not gonna find som... read more

2020 All-Stars (s5e01) - And we're back!

We kick off a bit of rust with the first episode of the season. Mostly chatting about old flames such as Wil Myers and George Springer. Was it our best effort? Best of 2017 so far is how I’d describe it…

We get into a discussion about the Padres for way longer than we should. We talk about a bunch of young pitchers such as James Paxton and ... read more

2020 All-Stars (s4e18) - Alex Bregman is Free!

Turner vs Bregman. Todd likes Turner’s steals potential and the general lack of steals in the league. Turner is definitely the burner of the two, but I’m worried about his OBP. Bregman is finally turning it on and Bregman has shown his potential to be a high average guy. The lineups of both guys look like they’ll be solid and we’re split on ... read more

2020 All-Stars (s4e17) - Disco3000

Welcome to the 2005 All-Stars podcast! We discuss a lot of the old guys that are in the news this week. Ichiro got his 3,000th hit. Ichiro has had a sneaky good average but he’s not really putting up the counting stats to be fantasy relevant. Next we discuss the fantasy implications of the Prince Fielder news. Mitch Moreland? Jurkson Profa... read more