2020 All-Stars fantasy baseball from the future

2020 All-Stars (s5e01) - And we're back!

We kick off a bit of rust with the first episode of the season. Mostly chatting about old flames such as Wil Myers and George Springer. Was it our best effort? Best of 2017 so far is how I’d describe it…

We get into a discussion about the Padres for way longer than we should. We talk about a bunch of young pitchers such as James Paxton and ... read more

2020 All-Stars (s4e18) - Alex Bregman is Free!

Turner vs Bregman. Todd likes Turner’s steals potential and the general lack of steals in the league. Turner is definitely the burner of the two, but I’m worried about his OBP. Bregman is finally turning it on and Bregman has shown his potential to be a high average guy. The lineups of both guys look like they’ll be solid and we’re split on ... read more

2020 All-Stars (s4e17) - Disco3000

Welcome to the 2005 All-Stars podcast! We discuss a lot of the old guys that are in the news this week. Ichiro got his 3,000th hit. Ichiro has had a sneaky good average but he’s not really putting up the counting stats to be fantasy relevant. Next we discuss the fantasy implications of the Prince Fielder news. Mitch Moreland? Jurkson Profa... read more

2020 All-Stars (s4e16) - Yank me this way and that

We discuss a bunch of the trades that went down. Andrew Miller and Aroldis Chapman… They are both good. We lament what could have been if Chapman was a starter. Oh, the things he would have done. Would it just be one 100 mph fastball after another? One of the great what-ifs in baseball. But yea, he makes the Cubs look like the (dare I say... read more

2020 All-Stars (s4e15) - The Price is Right?

Panic!!! RUN!!! AHHH!!! Ok, deep breathes. Stay calm… As you can see, we running through the gambit of emotions. After another bad start from David Price, we discuss what owners should do with him. Who could you get for him? And should you deal him? Also in the world of aces, we lament about Kershaw’s setback. We still like him but this d... read more

2020 All-Stars (s4e14) - Where we learn about ourselves from baseball...

So we learned something this week. I have turf toe. How did I learn this? Because Jose Bautista has turf toe. Baseball, what would we do without you?

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Season 4 Episode 14 (28:03)
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2020 All-Stars (s4e13) - CC or Tiny Tim?

We had a special live episode today. More of the usual. Prospects, fantasy zombies, closerpocalypse. Thanks for listening and apologies for the late post.

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Season 4 Episode 13 ()

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2020 All-Stars (s4e12) - Is Adam Jones Back?

No description… running to the airport :-) Viel Spaß!

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Season 4 Episode 12 (29:58)
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2020 All-Stars (s4e11) - #FreeAlexBregman

Bad puns kicks off our discussion. James Shields got traded to the White Sox. The only thing that it really tells us is that the White Sox are in it to win it. Perhaps they’ll bring up Tim Anderson to replace Jimmy Rollins at SS, but the prospects in the deal are lotto tickets. Perhaps in 2020 we’ll be talking about Fernando Tatis Jr, but he... read more

2020 All-Stars (s4e10) - This Kershaw guy might be good...

Kershaw or Strasburg? I try to make a case for Stephen, but it pretty much all hinges on wins. It’s not really a defensible position, but it’s something to chat about. But speaking of super prospects, JULIO!!!!! JULIO!!!! JULIO! Julio Urias made his debut and it was rough. He got rocked, but this looks like it presents a buying opportunity... read more