2020 All-Stars fantasy baseball from the future

2020 All Stars - Episode 3

On this week’s episode, we start off discussing whether Yasiel Puig should be an all-star. Then we delve into the dark world of post-hype sleepers. Finally, we end it with a little closer talk. We have mentioned Diamondbacks 6th inning guy, Will Harris, in two of our three podcasts. If this podcast ever becomes a success, I’m giving Mr. Harris a... read more

2020 All Stars - Episode 2

We made it past the first week. In this episode, we talk about young Dodger phenom, Yasiel Puig, a bunch of old guys on the Yankees, a discussion about the top 5 first basemen, and obviously some talk about some guys in the low minors. Last week, we had 4 listens, which means that both our parents were the only ones to listen to the podcast, but... read more

2020 All Stars - Episode 1

Our first episode. A twisted journey into the heart of fantasy baseball. We told you to keep an eye on Will Harris, 6th inning guy on the Arizona Diamondbacks. That’s all you need to know.
Episode 1 (48:24)
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