2020 All-Stars fantasy baseball from the future

2020 All Stars - Episode 14

Dumpster diving for talent. Enough said.

Episode 14 (36:07)
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2020 All Stars - Episode 13

It was a slow week in baseball so we delved into a fictional all-rookie squad. With an eye on winning right now, but also tips for who to keep if you’re in it for the long haul.
Episode 13 (42:40)
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2020 All Stars - Episode 12

Short and sweet folks. We talk about some September call ups that you might want to look at especially if you’ve got the need, the need for speed. Post-deadline trades? We have you covered. Then a mini-discussion about young arms and whether they should be in the bullpen or in the rotation. Yup, super gut and under 31 minutes.

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2020 All Stars - Episode 11

It’s a dark day in fantasy and real baseball. We stay strong and hold back our tears for Matt Harvey’s torn elbow, but just barely. We babble about possible replacements, but our dispair is thinnly vailed. Next, we move on to some young guys that are getting called up. And that’s pretty much it. Hope y’all like it and remember to sign up to... read more

2020 All Stars - Episode 10

What do you do if you had Jose Bautista? We don’t know, but that doesn’t stop us from giving you our opinion. The Mike Trout injury worries us a little bit (aka we are terrified). Xander Bogaerts got the call! Todd remises about the the next great offensive shortstop era. Then for the main event, we create the all-time all-asian/asian-ameri... read more

2020 All Stars - Episode 9

The big news of the week was the Alex Rios trade. Next the chatter moves to a couple young guys that are getting the call that might be of interest on your squads down the line. Fawning over Eric Hosmer follows that and of course we ride the closer carousel. We end it all with further discussion of how far Yasiel Puig can go for this year and... read more

2020 All Stars - Episode 8

This week we talk about the Biogenesis implications and mention some deep league names that you can pick up to replace any of the guys you may have lost.  We also get on the closer carousel.  Finally, don’t forget to check us out on iTunes.

Episode 8 (32:53)
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2020 All Stars - Episode 7

This episode we begin with a little trade talk. Xander Bogaerts just got a little more interesting. We also discuss the Albert Pujols injury and the future of Pujols in fantasy leagues. Obviously we have a small bit about closers. Finally, we’ve peppered the podcast with talk about German white wines, so we’ve really covered it all. Bis bal... read more

2020 All Stars - Episode 6

Madness in the MLB. Scandal, trades, prospect talk, injuries, contributions from David. It all happens this week. We got a little long while keeping the awkward pauses to a minimum. Also, now we are on iTunes.  Enjoy!
Episode 6 (48:24)
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2020 All Stars - Episode 5

On this week’s episode we take a look at the Futures Game. Specifically, a bunch of young arms on the American squad. Then we move on to a brief discussion where we drop our weekly Will Harris reference. Finally, we talk about bold predictions for the second half. Not “bold” like the other guys do it. This is full on crazy that may completely bu... read more