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Making Of

This is a placeholder for a how-to on what went into making this podcast.

Software & Services:

Skype & Skype Call Recorder (for Linux)


GitHub & GitHub Pages


Opus Codec




Adam Wilcox - Podcasting with Jekyll

Boss Lee - Podcasting with Jekyll and Dropbox

Joshua Lande - How to create a beautiful blog…


In Audacity, first I use noise removal at the default settings to remove any hissing noise that may occur (normally splitting the track and then doing each channel seperately). Then I use the compressor (again with the default settings) to make the volume levels more even. Next, we split the tracks and set each one to mono so that the sound comes out in both ears and people can listen to the podcast with just one headphone (as of Season 3 Episode 3). Finally, I export the pod to a joint stereo mp3 with a variable bitrate between 60 and 100 mbps.

3-9-2015: We’re now encoding the podcast with the Opus Codec at 32 kbps for the inline audio player on the post pages. Opus is really only supported in modern browsers, but the 32 kbps opus file sounds similar to the 100 kbps mp3. So if you’re on a bad connection, the inline player might be your best bet.

3-20-2015: The Skype Call Recorder for linux did not compile correctly for me at first (followed this). My problem was that I had to install all the “dev” packages for the requirements (i.e. sudo apt-get install libid3-dev) before the program would build properly. I am running Ubuntu 14.04.