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2020 All-Stars (s5e06) - Prospect of the Podcast 2017...

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The big news of the week is the Aroldis Chapman injury. Although it’s big news, there is really no corresponding move because Betances should have already been owned. KRod lost the gig and Josh Wilson steps into the role. The next KRod looks to be Fernando Rodney, but who will be the next guy? JJ Hoover? Not exciting. The Washington situation is completely off the wall. How long can they keep letting these guys blow wins? Santiago Casilla and Brad Brach are guys that had bad weeks that we aren’t panicked about.

We move from the guys that end games to guys that start them. Todd picked up Jose Berios and we talk about Berios vs Urias. Todd + Kool Aid = Urias Apologist. What do y’all think?

ALERT: We announce the official Prospect of the Podcast for 2017. * dramatic pause * Kyle Tucker! This 3B in the Astros systems, but this guy is absolutely mashing. He’s got speed, power, average, and youth. This guy looks like the real deal. Will he be up this year? It’s doubtful, but we want to believe. While the Astros are stacked, the left fielder is a weak spot. Could Tucker come up and play left?!? Only time will tell. Another prospect that we were pumping earlier but said was not going to get called up, got the call this week. Ian Happ has a chance to stick with the Cubs although we aren’t sure where he’ll play. He’s got the bat that plays, but where would he slot into the Cubs big league squad. We wonder if Kyle Schwarber’s struggles could open up a spot for Happ.

We end the pod with what we do best. Rummaging through the dreck looking for diamonds in the rough. I’ll let y’all listen to see what we dig up.

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Season 5 Episode 6 (50:22)