2020 All-Stars fantasy baseball from the future

2020 All-Stars (s5e04) - Everybody Hurts. Some Times.

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You came for baseball, but you’re staying for the basketball talk! This episode when way off the rails, but moved along quite nicely. On this May 4th, Star-Wars day, we begin our discussion with the Noah Syndergaard injury, how the 10-day DL is being used, and replacements for your squad. Lots of ghosts Christmas past in our list. Charlie Morton, Derrick Holland, Ervin Santana, Trevor Cahill… Welcome to the 2012 All-Stars! Todd goes on a rant about Julio Urias.

We get into Dodger prospect talk. Alex Wood is one of our replacement guys of interest. Cody Bellinger looks like he’s here to stay. Todd predicts a .275 average with some pop and speed. But with all the injuries on the Dodgers, we think he’ll stick around. I want to pronounce Cody Bellinger as the 2017 prospect of the podcast, but Todd thinks it’s a little late.

Aaron Judge, who is this guy? Are we ready to crown this guy? His popcorn numbers are eye-popping but beneath the surface lies some things to worry about. We comp him to Joc Pederson’s rookie year. Joc was on super fire for a bit and then he got figured out and had a historically terrible second half. The walk rate seems too high, the strike out rate a bit high. We compare him to everyone’s darling, Eric Thames, and the answer may surprise you. We discuss guys that you might want to target if you want to sell high on the Judge.

Kennys Vargas isn’t on the radar anywhere except here. Todd loves Kennys! He goes as far to say that Kennys Vargas will outperform Ryan Zimmermann. Todd worries about RZ’s glass chin.

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Season 5 Episode 4 (1:00:30)