2020 All-Stars fantasy baseball from the future

2020 All-Stars (s4e16) - Yank me this way and that

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We discuss a bunch of the trades that went down. Andrew Miller and Aroldis Chapman… They are both good. We lament what could have been if Chapman was a starter. Oh, the things he would have done. Would it just be one 100 mph fastball after another? One of the great what-ifs in baseball. But yea, he makes the Cubs look like the (dare I say) favorites. Todd professes his love for David Price once again. Speaking of big name pitchers that are struggling, Jake Arrieta has been not his usual dominant self.

Todd thinks Chris Archer would be a 300K guy in the NL. I wanted to say that we said the same thing about Doug Fister, but his name escaped me. Would Archer be a star on the Dodgers? We will probably never know. We also speculate on other trades, but since I’m releasing this a week late, I won’t pontificate about all of them here.

We end with a calm discussion about Alex Bregman’s slow start. Yes, he did not light the world on fire, but he’s no Byron Buxton.

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Season 4 Episode 16 (35:13)