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Season 4 Episode 06 - 2020 All-Stars

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The big news of the week is Dee Gordon’s 80 day suspension for PEDs. We lament about this because he’s the third keeper that we’ve lost for a significant chuck of the season already. We do a decent job of holding back the tears, but this was probably the nail in the of our 2016 fantasy season in our big league. What does that mean for you? Well, we might start selling out for prospects so the podcast might lean that way as well. Stay tuned.

Speaking of… Brandon Drury feels like he might be more than a flavor of the week. If you want more of a retread, we like what we see from Jed Gyorko in St Louis. On the flipside, fellow Asian American Kolton Wong looks like he might be in danger of losing his gig once Peralta comes back. It also looks like Chase Utley has found the fountain of youth. He’s hitting for an empty average at the top of a good lineup, which is worth something. If you’re looking to replace the speed, you’re gonna have to dig pretty deep. Our suggestion is really just stream in a fast guy against Jon Lester (Cubs) or Hank Conger (Rays).

The bad news train continues while we discuss Byron Buxton’s demotion. Todd is keeping the faith. That whole situation feels like something is in his head. Hopefully, he can figure things out with his swing and get back to the bigs. Even though I made a negative prediction on him, I still don’t like to see guys fail. Speaking of top prospects that failed in his first taste at the top, Todd suspects Jurickson Profar could make his way back up sooner rather than later.

The discussion ends with pitcher talk. A couple of the young guns are making there way into the bigs. Jose Berrios and Sean Manaea are the big names that have come up lately. Both guys look like good hold or keeper league guys. Langfristig as they say in German. Lastly, what do you all think of the Arizona Diamondbacks? Questions are abound about what that organization is doing.

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Season 4 Episode 6 (43:06)