2020 All-Stars fantasy baseball from the future

Season 4 Episode 05 - 2020 All-Stars

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Jake Arrietta, the #1 overall pitchers? Noah Syndergaard, next big thing? We start this fireside chat with a discussion of the big name pitchers. Kenta Maeda also works his way into the discussion. Todd watches the Dodgers a lot and likes what he sees, but cautions our listeners about going all-in on him. Definitely a useful player, but he won’t be a sub-1 ERA guy all season.

The #Closerpocalypse segment makes a mini-return. I rant about how I’m worried about Cody Allen. He had a bad spring and he’s followed it with a less than dominant start. He doesn’t seem in jeopardy to lose the gig, but nobody seems to even consider that he’s had a weak start. I threw the name Joba Chamberlain against the wall. Todd couldn’t say no fast enough. Yes, saves are a category, but are they always worth it? We think not especially when it comes to the Reds and Minnesota. Lots of problems in Closerland in the midwest.

Todd takes over the pod while we go into guys on the farm. This is really our bread and butter so don’t miss out on it. There are two big arms that could make an impact this year, so we discuss those guys.

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Season 4 Episode 5 (45:49)