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Season 4 Episode 04 - 2020 All-Stars

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Public Service Announcement: Our internet connection was crap. We had a bunch of drop outs and ended up recording this episode in two parts.

We play the game, Panic or Patience. We begin with two young guys on Minnesota. Byron Buxton and Miguel Sano have been struggling and we discuss it. What worries both of us is the K-rate of both guys. Todd thinks Buxton will make adjustments and I have my doubts. But we do both agree that the Twins have nothing to play for so they can be patient with these guys. A guy that we both are worried about is Byung Ho Park. He hasn’t gotten off to a great start and he doesn’t have the pedigree of the other two.

Our next stop on the panic train is the Vets. Tulo has Todd concerned that his days as an elite fantasy SS is over, while I think he could play enough games to be a factor at the position especially regarding the power numbers. Should one trade Tulo for Trevor “Babe Ruth” Story? My prediction is .250 with 27 homers in 140 games and Todd like .270 average with 18 homers. We cast some doubt as Lindor as a fantasy beast, which is a bit of a contrarian opinion. Our thoughts trend towards “better real life player than fantasy player”. Unfortunately, defense generally doesn’t cut it in fantasy. Is he an Andrelton Simmons type?

What should you do about Prince Fielder? Big guys tend to have steep declines. The power has been declining and the strikeout rate is on the rise. Not a full blown panic, but if you can still get full value in a trade then go for it. Age or small sample size theater? It could go either way, but we have our thoughts.

Pitchers, you say? Zack Greinke has Todd a little worried. We both agree that he won’t repeat his performance on the Dodger. I totally lost my train of thought trying to come up with Dallas Keuchel. We compare Greinke with Matt Harvey who has also struggled to start the season. The guy that has us most worried is Adam Wainwright. He’s just got too much going against him to continue to be an elite fantasy option. A definite Panic. Archer confounds us. His walk-rate is crazy high, but so is his home run rate. Is this sustainable? Cautious buy low candidate? Keep an eye on it.

After the break, we get back to chatting about prospects. A good pouporri for you on that front. Hope y’all enjoy it!

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Season 4 Episode 4 (50:48)