2020 All-Stars fantasy baseball from the future

Season 4 Episode 01 - 2020 All-Stars

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Alright guys, we started off shaky and there are 10 minutes that will never see the light of day. We begin our conversation with the young Chicago Cubs. The squad, we love, but the prices not so much. With so many players will there be enough playing time for everyone? We even have concerns about one of our favorites from last year.

Next we wander into the topic of pitchers that got moved over the off-season. Is Jeff Samardzija ready for a breakout year? What happens with David Price? Is Grienke mortal? We address all these questions and more.

Third basemen worries us much wore. We regret to say that the days of Even Longoria as a star might be over. Would he be better if he played less? We also talk about other guys that you want to target instead of the once mighty Longoria.

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Season 4 Episode 1 (54:19)