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Season 3 Episode 26 - 2020 All-Stars

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We did not watch a lot of baseball this week. Instead of doing our normal recap, we discuss who are next years breakouts. We begin with our favorite AJ Pollock. Todd brilliant pulls Christian Yelich’s name out of a hat. Man, I love that call and wish that I had thought of it. I actually think Yelich could be the next Dexter Fowler, but Todd throws Aaron Hicks’s name out there. I argue that Hicks doesn’t have the OBP to get runs like Fowler.

That degenerates into a discussion about the Minnesota Twins lineup. They’ve actually got a surprisingly good/intriguing lineup. Our disagreement comes with Byron Buxton. I’m not going to annoint Buxton the next Ken Griffey Jr. Yea, maybe you want the guy to learn, but he’s shown nothing that says he deserves to be at the top of the lineup. How that all shakes out?

Biggest power comeback? Devin Mesoraco. We pin him as a 20-25 hr guy next year. Another bounceback candidate is Corey Dickerson. Two guys coming back from injury whose injuries are not the lingering type. My guy to turn it around is another catcher, Jon Lucroy. I’ve got him as a fringe top 5 catcher.

Our next topic is the Houston power hitter situation. Jon Singleton, Chris Carter, and Evan Gattis all seem like the same guy and not the type of guy that you want three of. On the topic of power, we talk about “old guy” comeback player for next year. I wanted to find a guy in his mid-30s, but we sort of settle on Evan Longoria. If you want the deep league name, it’s Justin Morneau.

Todd <3 Noah Syndergaard. He’s looking for something big from this guy. 3-ish ERA, 200 IPs, 200Ks, 1.14-ish WHIP. You heard it here first. I go back to 2020 All-Star oldie but goodie, Taijaun Walker. He’s still bringing the heat and if he can bring down his HR/9 down then he could be a star. We even put 10 doge on it.

The big name prospect pitchers that we like are Lucas Giolito, Tyler Glasnow, and Luis Severeno. On the hitting side, it’s Jessie Winker and Bradley Zimmer. As always we get rambly: AJ Reed, Nick Williams, Hunter Renfro, and Austin Meadows.

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Season 3 Episode 26 (44:56)