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Season 3 Episode 25 - 2020 All-Stars

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The future is now! We are coming up on September. What does this mean? If you’re in a holds league then it’s time to make your big run! But before the baseball comes the food, thus we needed to discuss grilling in Germany. Todd is disgusted that we grilled without a Weber Grill. Jamacian style cooking folks. Want a YouTube video? Sure… what?!? It doesn’t exist. I just spent 20 minutes looking through youtube videos and couldn’t find this method. Basically, you use a super high heat and over-marinate the chicken. Especially important is a ton of herbs. Then you stack all the chicken (skin on!) into the middle of the grill, this is really counter-intuitive to every grill rule you’ve ever learn, but trust me. The marinade/herb mixture drips into the fire creating a ton of smoke. The chicken pieces at the bottom will get pretty dark pretty quickly. The key is to rotate the chicken every couple of minutes and put the ones on the top to the bottom to char. The ones at the top continue to cook indirectly from the heat coming off the pieces on the bottom. If done correctly, you’ll end up with chicken that has a nice black char, but still is moist inside.

We had a great idea in the beginning of the season refer to Jung Ho Kang’s power as K-Pop. Darnit, why we didn’t follow up on this will remain one of the great tragedies of the 2015 season? This leads us into a discussion about the middle infield. In typical 2020 All-Star fashion, we wander into a discussion about no pop, speed guys like Anthony Gose. Pop-speed-pop, a new form of EDM? No, we go back to guys with power and discuss the two big boppers at the corners, Sano and Bryant. Todd likes Sano’s power and I like Bryant’s sneaky speed. And speaking of power, we go to Top 5 3Bs for next year. We’re really going all-in on the young guys at the hot corner. Same discussion with the outfield. Is Mike Trout still #1 overall? Four of the top 5 are pretty standard, but the fifth is a long-time favorite of the podcast that might surprise you.

Queue Scary Music: CLOSERPOCALYPSE! The Boston situation is ugly. Jean Machi is the guy, but probably best to just leave him to someone more desperate. The Oakland situation seems like Drew Pomeranz is the guy. We like him a ton more than Machi (so he’ll probably lose the gig tomorrow). The best of the bottom of the barrel prize goes to Tom Wilhelmsen. He’s solid and the other guys in Seattle are having issues. Greg Holland doesn’t really scare us too much. But the guy to own there would be Wade Davis, but he’s good enough that he should have been owned already. Addison Reed? Not a closer, but he got traded to the Mets. Can the Mets fix him? We’re not hopeful, but you never know.

September Callups Lighting Round: Corey Seager, Jesse Winker, Urias, Nick Williams, Javy Baez.

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Season 3 Episode 25 (42:56)