2020 All-Stars fantasy baseball from the future

Season 3 Episode 22 - 2020 All-Stars

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This week is pretty special. We’re going back in time to check out some of our predictions from our inaugural episode of Season 3. Below are the notes that we are referring to:

D: Miguel Cabrera will be a “bust” - Either .275 hitter or “is good but plays only 110 games”

D: Anthony Rizzo is the #1 overall 1B. 10 steal speed.

T: Robinson Cano is going to have another rough season. 15-18 hr season. “behind Rendon and possibly Jose Altuve”

D: “I like Kipnis. I would buy Kipnis.”

T: Top 5 2Bs some conglomeration of “Rendon, Altuve, Cano, Kinsler, Kipnis, and perhaps Dee Gordon sneaks in there.”

D: “Bryce Harper or Josh Donaldson as jumping into the top 25”

D: “I wouldn’t be surprised if Jorge Soler jumped into the top 25”

D: “Are you really taking Nelson Cruz over [Jorge Soler]?”

T: “Yasmany Tomas could jump into the top 25”

T: “We love Kyle Schwarber”

T: “What do you think about this Kang guy?”

T: “He might be the best middle infielder [on the all Asian team]”

T: “I’m not sure the 40 homers are going to translate directly to the MLB”

D: “I’d rather have a guy like Jed Gyorko or Andrelton Simmons”

T: “I was all over Xander Boegarts and I can’t quit him. He completes me. .280 25 homer bat.”

T: “Not a big fan of Pedroia, Panda, Hanley or Napoli”

T + D: “I think Pedroia will be droppable by the end of the year”

D: “Pedroia at 2B or Wright at 3B?”
T: “Can I take neither?”

T: “Brett Lawrie: 15-20 pop, 15-20 speed, .280” (38/10/45/5/.268 now)

D: “Switch hitting superstar, Chase Headley”

D: “They’re not going to give the reigns to ARod again, are they?”
T: “No, I don’t see that at all”

Dogebet: Lawrie vs Headley

T: “This is the year for Jed Gyroko. I’m all-in on him. .265, 30 hrs”

T: “SD has 4 players with more than 25 hrs”

D: “Khris Davis gets to 30 hrs”

T: “Does Khris Davis hit over .238?”
D: “No, no, probably not.” (he’s hitting .237 right now)

D: “20/20 season for Gardner”

T: “I think Charlie Blackmon is for real”

T: “Travis Snider hits 25+ hrs”

T: “[Schwarber] is going to have video game numbers in the minors”

D: “Impact rookie will be Kris Bryant”
T: “Yea, we were already all over him last year”

T: “Joc Pederson can have a big impact. He’s got 20/20 type talent. The 40/40 was a PCL mirage.”

T: “Aaron Sanchez is a guy that I like”

T: “I think Harvey is going to be a star. 3.30, 8.5K/9, 1.23 WHIP”

T: “Jose Fernandez comes back around July 15th”

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Season 3 Episode 22 (46:59)