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Season 3 Episode 17 - 2020 All-Stars

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This week, we stray from our normal banter about food to talk about gay marriage/LGBT rights. This past Friday, the Supreme Court decided that states could no longer ban or not recognize gay marriages. Huge win for equal rights in America! We even dabble into German gay marriage politics for the briefest of moments. Although the laws here haven’t changed yet, there was a lot of positive energy from everyone this weekend, so hopefully they’ll follow the US’s lead soon enough. But not to disappoint, we quickly moved the conversation onto food. Todd and I have discussed a food podcast in the offseason where each of us has to make a local specialty of where the other is living. The dish that Todd couldn’t pronounce is Sülze and my challenge would be to make chili cheese fries complete with cheddar cheese.

What? You want baseball news? Maybe you don’t after you hear what we have to tell you… Giancarlo Stanton went down with a hand injury that he sustained while swinging. We discuss whether he deserves the dreaded “injury plagued” tag. He’ll be a first round guy, because you just can’t find Stanton power outside of Stanton. But is he the new Tulo? We are a bit worried about that. The most interesting name that we throw out there is Randal Grichuk. He’s got some lightning-in-a-bottle potential.

Speaking of stud outfielders, we discuss what is the value of Yasiel Puig and what is the production. In my opinion, Puig’s value far outstrips his production. He could be a sell high guy now that he is back in the majors. We throw out some names that you might be able to get in a trade involving Puig. Joc Pederson might be a guy one could get for Puig. Jacoby Ellsbury, Encarnacion, Bautista? It seems like anyone that you could get for Puig has question marks, but the gamble is what makes fantasy great.

Another big injury is Anthony Rendon going back on the DL. Second base has been really interesting/disappointing this year. Rendon, Cano, and Kinsler have all disappointed this year, but Kipnis, Addison Russell, and Justin Turner have surprised to the upside. We discuss what to do with those guys and if you want any part of them as buy-low candidates. Bottomline, GET JUSTIN TURNER!

Steven Matz? Steven Matz? Anyone? We like his stuff, but wonder if he’ll get full-time innings this season.

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Season 3 Episode 17 (45:32)