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Season 3 Episode 16 - 2020 All-Stars

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We start off our chat about the Sunday holidays. Fête de la Musique in Germany and Father’s Day in the US. The big news of the week was Max Scherzer, so we start off our discussion with Justin Turner. What is his value? What can you get for him in a trade? We think you’ll be surprised at the names that we throw out there.

We declare Kyle Schwarber will be the next big thing. He had his cup of tea, drank it, and asked for another… nay, just took another without asking. Schwarber had a great week in the majors as a DH, but he’s already been sent down. We discuss what we think of his prospects this year and the future. There is a Mike Piazza reference! Mullets!!!

Byron Buxton owner? Stay calm! Alles ist gut! He’s a rookie, so it’s not out of the question that he struggled. But that isn’t the case with everyone, because Carlos Correa looks really good. We pretty much annoint him a top 5 fantasy SS and even go as far putting him in the discussion as #1 at the position!?! Welcome to the Small Sample Size Theater. Stay as long as you like. Among the three big time SS prospects (Correa, Corey Seager, and Addison Russell), we like Correa the most for those thinking long term. Correa is part of a great Astros squad that we think is playoff bound as soon as this year.

There are some guys coming off the DL. Most notably Jose Fernandez. We chat about his outlook for this year. And speaking of really good pitchers, Max Scherzer is #1. Better than Kershaw? Better than a Dodger? Recency bias overwhelming points us in that direction. More interestingly, we ponder whether Kershaw is gettable and what is his value? Another favorite of ours is coming back in Devon Travis. We spend an inordinate amount of time ranking him among other middle infielders. My super bold prediction is that Devon Travis is better than Brandon Crawford the rest of the way.

Prospect Talk:

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Season 3 Episode 16 (51:34)

Bonus: Checkout my mullet!

Bonus 2: Checkout the french fries blog with my fries (german language) that we mentioned last week. I’m the anonymous good samaritan fry expert in the story.