2020 All-Stars fantasy baseball from the future

Season 3 Episode 7 - 2020 All-Stars

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There was a lot of baseball to discuss. I promise you that we had sketched out a plan to cover it all, but like a young buck getting his first taste of big league pitching, we panicked and threw that out the window. Not to say the quality of the podcast is sub-par, but we wandered, Henry David Thoreau wandered. It’s certainly enjoyable though.

The view from 10.000 meters… I mean, 30,000 feet, is Small Sample Size Theater, Closerpocalypse, and our new segment called “Whack or Back”. We start with the young guns. Anthony Gose might be legit, but he definitely does not play on Toronto. But there is a young whipper snapper in Toronto that we like, Devon Travis. We’re bullish that he’ll move up in the lineup and become an ownable middle infielder. Drew Pomeranz is a guy that you want to keep on your roster. We are less bullish on Trevor Bauer, but he’s also an interesting name to follow.

The Closerpocalypse is upon us. Surprisingly, we’re a little skeptical of the young guys in Toronto, but they make interesting prospects if you want saves. The situation there is fluid to say the least. Chris Hatcher got a cup of tea, then dropped it and Joel Peralta picked it up. There is also the Yankee situation. We like Andrew Miller, but Todd likes him a bit more than me. If you’re looking for a name to speculate on someone that no one else is talking about, Junichi Tazawa. Without any evidence, I speculate that he’s the guy behind the guy in Boston. I boldly predict 15 saves. In other big city closer news, we discuss the Mets. However, moments after finishing the podcast, it came out that Jennry Mejia was suspended 80 games for PEDs. Todd likes Bobby Parnell. I boldly predict “other”.

Whack or Back. David Wright! He is back!!! or is he whack?!? Joey Votto is unequivocably back! We think he’s a guy that you want to buy into. We wander into a discussion regarding Jon Lester’s woes throwing to first base. Then our most divisive player… Alex Rodriguez. He’s won my heart back, but Todd is squarely in the whack camp. Another disagreement comes up with Tim Lincecum except exactly the opposite.

We end with some chat about young corner infielders in Mike Moustakas and Mark Canha. We believe! Alright, as always, check us out on iTunes and Twitter @2020AllStars. Tschüssi!

Season 3 Episode 7 (1:03:57)