2020 All-Stars fantasy baseball from the future

Season 3 Episode 6 - 2020 Allstars

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We discuss the big Craig Kimbrel trade. For Kimbrel, this means more opportunities, because the team is better. On the downside, you have Joaquin Benoit, who loses the closer gig. Bummer for fantasy owners who have him. We then discuss the implications to the Braves lineup. Todd likes Eric Young Jr… EY may not have proven much in the past, but he’ll have the opportunity and he’s fast.

Is Devon Travis worth talking about? We thought so. He’s got a bit of speed. If you want someone who might be a little better and also have speed, Micah Johnson, is a name you want to look out for. Speaking of middle infielders, the ghost of Christmas past, Dan Uggla, has a shot at playing time with Anthony Rendon on the shelf. In one category name guys, I sorta love Billy Burns. He made the squad and might run into a few steals.

We end up with a chat about some up and coming young guns. Aaron Sanchez and Daniel Norris. I’m super skeptical because Daniel Norris lives in a van. But Todd has made a bold prediction on the guy. 180 IPs, 190 Ks? Warum nicht! He has stuff.

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Season 3 Episode 6 (3316.0)

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