2020 All-Stars fantasy baseball from the future

2020 Allstars - Season 3 Episode 3

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The spring has begun! We chat about some of the injuries that have already happened. The big one being Yu Darvish. Bottomline, we are woooooorried. The question isn’t about this year, but more whether or not you should keep him in a keeper league. In other bad news, we discuss Josh Hamilton. However when one door closes, another opens. Does Hamilton’s looming suspension give C.J. Cron the opportunity he needs to become mixed-league relevant? we discuss that. We also go into a bit about the comeback guys. Who is this year’s retread? The answer may surprise you as it includes a George Clooney reference. Lastly, we babble about prospects that you have never heard of. Were you interested in Micah Johnson? Probably not, but now you’ve heard of him.


Season 3 Episode 3 (55:07)

Bonus: The Matt Harvey Interview