2020 All-Stars fantasy baseball from the future

2020 All Stars - Season 2 Episode 8

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Hey folks, we are back this week with some Closerpocalypse 2014 news!  The good (Chapman), the bad (Balfour), and the ugly (Farnsworth).  On a more positive note, we look at some of the possible callups near the Super 2 “deadline”.  We go through some of the big names that we’ve talk about before such as Gregory Palanco on the Pirates and Andrew Heaney on the Marlins, but also some smaller names. Finally, we are starting a new giveaway contest for our listeners.  Inspired by their charitable givings, NASCAR sponsorship, and general happy-go-lucky attitude, we decided to join the dogecoin community!  This week (and every subsequent week), we will ask a question to our viewers and give away doge to one lucky listener that gets the question correct.  I won’t give away the question, but if you are a doge enthusiast, you should make sure to pay careful attention around the 39 minute mark.  ;-) Have a good week and see y’all soon!

Season 2 Episde 8 (48:13)