2020 All-Stars fantasy baseball from the future

2020 All-Stars (s5e18) - Panic at Chavez Ravine

Are we panicked about the Dodgers slide? We talk about a bunch of things that have very little to do with the fantasy baseball season. We jump all over the place in this episode. Probably best to just download it and then rate and review us.

If you want one name for next year, Ronald Acuna. He could be the next big thing.

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2020 All-Stars (s5e17) - The Byron Buxton Dilemna

Angels in the outfield and the infield! We discuss the big moves by the Angels. They added Justin Upton and Brandon Philips to their offense and Houston added Justin Verlander. But we also waste a lot of time on smaller deals like Cameron Maybin and Mike Cameron’s son. Don’t worry, we keep it obscure. We also discuss the recent surge by Byr... read more

2020 All-Stars (s5e16) - Post All-Star break

Things went awry with both our team and our young pitchers. But we begin with a chat about Yu Darvish. Short story short, he’ll be who we thought he was. Talking of big stars, we discuss the Bryce Harper injury. Of course, I had a similar injury so we pretend to think we know what we are talking about because something similar happened to us... read more

2020 All-Stars (s5e15) - The Kids are Coming

We discuss the two newest young third basemen that came up this week. Yoan Moncada and Rafael Devers were called up this week. We actually discussed these guys a few weeks ago. Todd thought Moncada was going to get more ABs, and I was higher on Devers… Now? You gotta listen to find out.

The next subject is the injuries to big stars and the... read more

2020 All-Stars (s5e14) - Back From the Break

Sorry, this one is coming late. We chatted about change you can believe in coming out of Chicago and Washington putting out a wild dumpster fire. What? Baseball? Baseball… barely.

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Season 5 Episode 14 (45:41)
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2020 All-Stars (s5e13) - Real All-Stars Announced

The real all-star team has been announced and we discuss the surprises. Where there is Smoak, there is fire! We discuss Yonder Alonso vs Justin Smoak and who we think is more for real / more surprising. We also discuss the return of Freddie Freeman once again. In the NL, we discuss the middle infielders that were surprises. Later on in the ... read more

2020 All-Stars (s5e12) - Dodger lefty down for the count

We talk about the Julio Urias injury. He’s got a shoulder injury and he done. Pretty much a drop everywhere and we discuss possible replacements. Rick Porcello vs Alex Cobb, Trevor Bauer vs Mike Montgomery, Andrew Moore, Dutch Oven… does that sound exciting? Hey, it’s bleak out there.

On the offensive side, we chat Judge vs Bellinger. We a... read more

2020 All-Stars (s5e11) - Wood vs Berrios

Pretty quiet week, so we chat about pitchers young and old. Alex Wood vs Jose Berrios vs any random name we can think of. We also rehash a bunch of articles on Fangraphs this week. Like we said, it was slow. Another subject on the docket is how has the flyball era effected how pitchers pitch. Finally, we touch on the current Closerpocalypse... read more

2020 All-Stars (s5e10) - Fresh Fish

We chat about the Astros lastest call up. Derek Fisher has had a monster season in the minors this year, but is this sustainable? Is he a legit 25/25 guy? Todd worries that the steals won’t translate to the bigs, but I’m more optimistic. We compare Fisher with our favorite rookie, Cody Bellinger. Which leads to the AGon injury. We are very... read more

2020 All-Stars (s5e09) - Off the rails

Off-topic is the name of the game this week. We get a little political, although don’t worry, it’s still our wacky takes on things. The environment, gender equality, basketball… there just isn’t a lot going on in baseball, so we stray. Hey, what can you do?

We start off with our favorite subject, the Dodgers. The outfield started off hot an... read more